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Harlan Gleeson Scholarship Endowment Fund

Harlan Gleeson Scholarship Endowment Fund


Religious Studies D01022


Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Harlan Gleeson has been in the computer industry for the past 7 years. He has developed extensive knowledge in wide range of markets, particularly Compaq, HP, IBM and generic memory and CPU products.

Harlan Gleeson, ('93), President of Kingsley Computers, Inc. on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, has graced us with a brand new contribution to our resources. Given the great need for funding support for graduate students, this gift is particularly timely and we are particularly grateful to Harlan and Mrs. Gleeson.

Born in Los Angeles, CA on Oct 8, 1970, he graduated from Fairfax High School 1988 and from University of California at Riverside in 1993.

Selection and Guidelines:

To support financial aid for students in Religious Studies at the Direction of the Chair of the Religious Studies Dept.

 Request for Information:

Diana Marroquin
Student Affairs Assistant
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