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Edmond C. Calavan Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Edmond C. Calavan Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund


Plant Pathology & Microbiology D01052


Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Dr. Edmond Clair Calavan was a plant pathologist who joined UCR (then Citrus Experiment Station) in 1945. He conducted research on viral diseases in citrus, which proved that disease could be carried through budwood. This resulted in the formation of what is now the Citrus Clonal Protection Program. In March 2000 at its "Celebration of Citrus," UCR recognized Dr. Calavan as one of the most important and respected scientists to work in citrus at the institution. To honor the memory of her husband, in August 2000 Mrs. Georgie Calavan established the Edmond C. Calavan Memorial Scholarship to provide fellowship assistant to a graduate student excelling in the field of Plant Pathology.

Selection and Guidelines:

This fund is be awarded to one graduate student in Plant Pathology, based on merit.

 Request for Information:

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