Nematology Graduate Student Support Fund


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Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Established in 1989 by various donors, the Nematology Graduate Student Support Fund supports Nematology Graduate Student travel to scientific meetings. Nematology, the study of microscopic multi-cellular roundworms called nematodes which flourish in the soil of all climates, seeks to identify which nematodes are helpful to the environment and to promote their growth while retarding the growth of unhelpful parasites.

The donors to this fund, which include several professors from the Nematology Department, encourage graduate student research because, in the Department's words, "Research on nematodes directly benefits humanity greatly enhances our understanding of the Earth's biodiversity, and is an exciting challenge for our Department of Nematology."

Selection and Guidelines:

The Nematology Graduate Student Support Fund provides support to graduate students in Nematology to travel to national meetings.