UCR Emeriti Association Graduate Student Travel Award Endowed Fund


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Graduate Student Support

The UCR Emeriti Association (UCREA) keeps retired faculty in all stages of retirement connected to UCR when they join as a UCREA member. The UCREA works closely with the UCR Retirement Center Director to bring innovative services, programs and events that engage the emeriti community. The UCREA wishes to focus their fundraising efforts towards the support of graduate student success at UC Riverside. The UCREA Awards and Scholarship Subcommittee consisting of Dr. Darleen DeMason, Dr. George Haggerty, Dr. Dallas Rabenstein, and chaired by Dr. Carol Lovatt
partnered with Dr. Shaun Bowler, Dean of the Graduate Division, and Dr. Emma Wilson, Professor of Biomedical Sciences and Associate Dean for Graduate Division, to establish the award.

The goal of the UCREA was to serve graduate student success that was parallel to the undergraduate scholarship that the UCR Retirees Association has created. Furthermore they chose to focus on graduate students because graduate education is an important part of education on a university campus that is specifically conducted by graduate students and important to the research, teaching, and work that faculty do on campus as well. Graduate student travel expenses are an area in which a small amount of investment can have a significant impact on individual students.

Fund Purpose: This Fund shall be used to provide support for graduate students in any discipline in need of funds to attend professional meetings or conferences and pursuing scholarly activities at other institutions and research sites.

Criteria and Selection Process:

a. The UCR Retirement Center Director will administer the fund on behalf of the UCR Emeriti Association and the Graduate Division will oversee distribution and the selection process.
b. Graduate students must be currently enrolled at UCR, in good academic standing, advanced to candidacy, and typically no more than one year past normative time at the time of application.
c. Students can receive this award only once.
d. If it is used towards a top tier national or international meetings of a major scientific society or specialized conference, the graduate student(s) must be the first author on and/or be the presenter of the research submitted.

In years when there is no candidate who meets the criteria, awards will be
held until the following year.

Eff. 05/01/2023: Converted from fund 6I0140 to a true endowment.