Tinti Family Scholarship in Chemistry Endowed Fund


Chemistry Dept D01054


Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support

In creating this scholarship, Dino S. and Diana L. Tinti, husband and wife, wish to offer a monetary award to students who, like them, were the first in their respective families to go to college. Diana’s parents, Robert L. and Gertrude Miller Campbell, were born in the U.S., but she was a first-generation college student. She did not complete a college degree, choosing to stay at home to care for her and Dino’s three children: Katrina D., Laura D., and Lisa A. Tinti. Dino’s parents immigrated from Italy, his father Sabatino Tinti in 1923 and his mother Zita Carelli Tinti in 1932. Both became U.S. citizens roughly seven years after their respective arrivals. As the sole child of immigrants, his parents always had him in mind, wanted him to succeed, and worked hard to provide him with the opportunity to attend college while caring for his family. The same is true for many
first-generation college students.

Dino has been associated with the University of California since he entered UC Riverside as an undergraduate student in 1958, earning a B.S. degree in Chemistry in 1962. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology in 1967, and then served as a postdoctoral research chemist at UCLA until his appointment to the faculty at UC Davis in 1970. They are very pleased that their three daughters are also UC graduates. Dino is also particularly grateful for the guidance and undergraduate research opportunities given to him at UCR by Professors Sunney I.
Chan, Harold W. Johnson, and Donald T. Sawyer.

It is the donors’ preference that undergraduate and graduate student awardees benefit equally from the award in the long term, and their hope that the award be a meaningful recognition of the hard work and achievement of the recipients.

Fund Purpose: This Fund shall be used to provide undergraduate and graduate student support in the Department of Chemistry.

Eff: 12/31/2021 - True endowment converted from endowment intent #6I0133.

Criteria and Selection Process
The selection process shall be administered by the CNAS Scholarship Committee annually, and the award shall be used to provide support for one or more undergraduate or graduate students who meet the following criteria, where the order of preference is criteria (2a) and then criteria (2b) for undergraduate student awards, or criteria (3a) and then criteria (3b) for graduate student

1. First-generation undergraduate or graduate student whose parents are U.S. residents

2. Undergraduate student in good academic standing and at or beyond sophomore standing who is pursuing:
a. B.S. degree certified by the American Chemical Society in any area of Chemistry, standard or optional, or,
b. B.A. degree in any area of Chemistry that is offered by the Department of Chemistry

3. Graduate student who has advanced to candidacy and is pursuing:
a. Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry or chemical physics engaging in research with a faculty member whose appointment is predominantly in the Department of Chemistry, or,
b. Ph.D. degree in any Chemistry area that is offered by the Department of Chemistry engaging in research with a faculty member whose appointment is predominantly in the Department of Chemistry

In years when there is no candidate who meets the criteria, awards will be held until the following year.