Senator Robert Presley Endowed Scholarship Fund


Pres Cntr for Crime and Justice Dept D01015


Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support

The Fund is established in honor of the late Californian State Senator Robert Presley as a tribute to his legislative contributions to UC Riverside and the County of Riverside and to continue his legacy by supporting scholarly activities of UCR students with the Robert Presley Center of Crime and Justice Studies ("The Center").

General Purpose:
This fund shall be used to provide scholarship support to UCR students, both undergraduate and graduate, affiliated with The Center with partial tuition, research or internship stipend, supplies, transportation, or other needs.

Criteria and Selection Process:
To be eligible, the students must be engaged in academic and/or research endeavors sponsored by or affiliated with The Center. The recipient(s) shall be selected through a process established by the Co-Directors of The Center. The application and selection process may be modified by future directos, or designees.

In years when there is no candidate who meets the criteria, awards will be held until the following year.
Eff. 09/01/2019: Fund 6I0062 converted to a true endowment.