Guardian Scholars Endowed Fund for the Support of Foster Youth


Foster Youth Support Srvcs Dept D02102


Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support

Effective 12/01/18 converted to true endowment (former 6I0057).


The Guardian Scholars Program, which is house within UCR's Office of Foster Youth Support Services, offers academic and emotional support services to youth who were raised in foster care, including access to on-campus year-round housing, individual mentoring, mental health resources, life literacy and leadership seminars, scholarship assistance and bi-weekly community and cultural enrichment activities. The Guardian Scholars Program draws on the resources and support of the campus and community to provide current and former foster youth with a comprehensive college experience and the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Foster youth arrive on the UCR campus with little to no emotional or familial support, and similarly insufficient material resources. Even the small subset of students who now benefit from extended foster care support, such as AB12 or Chafee, typically age out of these benefits before they graduate from college. This is particularly true for foster your who are community college transfer students. Nearly 50% of foster youth experience homelessness at some point during the first year following emancipation - a statistic that the Guardian Scholars Program strives to reduce with their services.


The Guardian Scholars Steering Committee or its' successor will consider and select students to receive awards. Awards will be processed by the Office of Financial Aid.

To be considered for an Award, students must:
1.) Submit a UCR Guardian Scholars Program Participation Agreement
2.) Be enrolled in UCR as an undergraduate student
3.) Be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or better
4.) Submit an award application to be considered by the Guardian Scholars Steering Committee (or successor).
More than one Award may be made each year. In years where there are no candidates who meet the criteria, awards may be held until the following year.

General Purpose:
This fund shall be used to provide student support for programming offered by the Guardian Scholars Program, and may include scholarship support, community enrichment activities, professional development seminars, internship support, leadership training, year-round access to safe housing, and more.

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