Y. Van Lam Endowed Scholarship Fund


BUS Infrast Admin Prgm Srv Sup D01039


Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

As owner of Pucci Foods and prominent alum of the School of Business Administration, Chris Lam has truly lived the American Dream. Through his speaking engagements at his alma mater and at other college campuses and community events, his infectious entrepreneurial spirit, common sense and unwavering work ethic is inspiring others to realize their dreams to become successful business women and men. The Scholarship Endowment Fund shall be used to provide scholarships to students in The School of Business Administration.

Selection and Guidelines:

Lam scholarships will be utilized to recruit and retain business students who demonstrate excellence in scholarly work, leadership and a commitment to civic duty and cultural understanding.

Scholarship funds will be awarded by a faculty committee appointed by the Dean of the School of Business Administration. The donor or the donor's designee may serve as an advisor, non-voting member of the committee. In years when there is no candidate who meets the criteria, awards will be held until the following year.

Request for Information: