Dr. Rodolfo Ruibal Endowed Award Fund


Evolution Ecology & Orgns Bio Dept D01046


Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support


Dr. Charles W. Curl graduated from UC Riverside in 1961 with a bachelor's degree in biology. Dr. Curl's first interaction with Professor Ruibal was as a student in his Zoology class. Professor Ruibal was a respected professor, mentor and friend to Dr. Curl. Dr. Curl states, "His teaching manner, courtesy toward students and sense of humor made him a legendary educator. His death in 2016 has left a void in our memory."

Dr. Rodolfo Ruibal was Professor Emeritus of Biology and one of the UC Riverside's founding faculty members. During Ruibal's 42 years at UCR, he helped establish the Philip Boyd Desert Research Center and spent a year as the acting director of UC MEXUS, created to stimulate teaching and research between California and Mexico. Dr. Ruibal was known for his work with water loss in amphibians and their ability to waterproof their skin by using waxy glandular secretions the animals wipe over themselves. Ruibal was a native of Cuba who conducted research in several parts of South American with fellowships from the National Science Foundation and the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

The annual distributions from the Dr. Rodolfo Ruibal Endowed Award Fund shall be used to provide scholarship support for undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Biology.

Criteria and Selection Process:

The Department of Biology Scholarship Committee will select undergraduate and graduate students who meet the following criteria:

1.) Are in good academic standing and represent academic excellence

More than one award may be made each year.

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