Theda Shapiro Endowed Scholarship Fund


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Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support

Theda Shapiro, Emerita Professor of French and comparative literature, passed away on March 10, 2015 at the age of 72. Friends, colleagues, staff, and students of UCR will remember her lovingly as a tremendous ever-present spirit on campus. As an educator, administrator, and intellectual, she was unstintingly generous with her time, critical acumen, prodigious institutional memory, and organizational prowess, whether at UCR, in Paris, or wherever she was. She was a recipient of the first UCR Senate Distinguished Service Award in 2005-06 and the French program inaugurated the Theda Shapiro Award for Excellence in French in 2014. Professor Shapiro had been on the faculty of UC Riverside since 1969, in the departments of History, French, and eventually Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages. She retired in 2011, while continuing to teach until 2013.

Purpose & Criteria:
This merit-based scholarship shall be awarded to a high achieving UC Riverside student in good standing. The Donor's instructions were silent as to whether the recipients should be undergraduate or graduate students.

Scholarship recipients under this fund shall be selected by the Financial Aid Office at UC Riverside.

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