Jaime J. Merino Endowed Business Scholarship Fund


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Graduate Student Support

University of California, Riverside alumnus and entrepreneur, James Merino embodies the spirit of innovation and leadership aspired of all School of Business Administration graduates. Having achieved success as an expert in the field of data science, Merino has held senior positions at LivePerson, AddThis and Yahoo!, and was a co-founder and head of Research and Development of XGraph, a company providing buyers and sellers of online advertising with Connected Audience (TM) solutions that improve ad targeting. The Jaime J. Merino Endowed Business Scholarship has been established to honor James's grandfather, Jaime J. Merino, the first person in his family to attend college. After coming to the United States from Mexico with very little, Jaime J. Merino studies engineering at both UCLA and UC Berkeley, and instilled in his family the values of education and hard work. The Jaime J. Merino Endowed Business Scholarship will support budding entrepreneurs and business leaders in the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management.

General Purpose:
The award shall be used to provide scholarships to students enrolled in SoBA's, A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management (AGSM) graduate programs.

Criteria and Selection Process:
The Jaime J. Merino Endowed Business Scholarship will be utilized to identify, recruit, and retain the best and brightest local students from the Inland Southern California area to AGSM and to ensure financial need does not hinder the academic and professional development of these students. Further, to recognize excellence in academic merit, leadership ability, and community engagement.

Scholarships will be awarded annually to local students enrolled in AGSM.

Recipient(s) shall be selected by a faculty committee appointed by the Dean of the School of Business Administration. The donor or the donor's designee may serve as an advisor, non-voting member of the committee and will not participate in the selection process. In years when there is no candidate who meets the criteria, awards will be held until the following year.

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