David Harrah Prize in Applied Philosophy Endowed Fund


Philosophy Dept D01021


Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

In 1996, UCR Professor of Philosophy David Harrah created the Harrah Prize in Applied Philosophy, which he defined very broadly to include "work that uses concepts, techniques, and results from philosophy but is directed at problems in other fields". Examples include, but are not limited to medical decision-making, environmental policy formation, foundational studies in mathematics or linguistics, and design of artificial intelligence systems. The Prize is open to all UCR students who submit an essay to the Department of Philosophy and will be awarded on the basis of what sort of contribution the work makes in philosophy and in the other fields involved.

Selection and Guidelines:

The essays will be judged by the standards currently maintained in philosophy, as exemplified by mainstream philosophical journals such as, The Journal of Philosophy, Syntheses, Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs. There is no length limit, but it is recommended that papers be the length of a normal journal submission (about 20-25 pages). Students wishing more information about appropriate topics for submissions are invited to contact Prof. Peter Graham (

Request for Information: