Suresh Kumar Endowed Memorial Fund in Electrical Engineering


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Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:
Suresh Kumar Ramachandran Nair, from Trivandrum, India, was a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). He began his graduate studies in 2009 and worked in the Center for Research in Intelligent System under the guidance of Distinguished Professor Bir Bhanu. He taught at the College of Engineering, Trivandrum, for 12 years.

While serving as a faculty member at College of Engineering, Trivandrum, he headed the "Project Network" under which the quality of education was improved phenomenally across five campuses covered under the project. He trained faculty members and laid a strong foundation for teaching as well as the evaluation process. He introduced many software tools to the teaching and administration community and designed and implemented a teacher evaluation system. The measures that he set up still help in delivering quality education.

He is remembered as a great teacher and had a passion for learning and teaching. His passion for learning brought him to UCR to pursue his doctoral degree. He was highly enthusiastic about mathematics and probability theory. He shared his knowledge and expertise in programming and mathematics with his laboratory colleagues. He had many interests and was curious to understand various aspects of American life. Suresh Kumar died in a tragic accident in June 2012.

The Suresh Kumar Memorial Fund is established in loving memory of Suresh Kumar as a perpetual endowment and legacy for the time he spent at UCR. The Fund honors his life and provides opportunity for an international graduate student who shares Suresh's passion for research in intelligent computer system.

This endowed fund shall be used to provide awards to full time International graduate students with a preference to students from India who are pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Riverside. The award shall be called "Suresh Kumar Memorial Award."

Selection and Guidelines:
Selection will be made by the Dean, Bourns College of Engineering, in consultation with the Director, Center for Research & Intelligent Systems and the Chair of the Electrical Engineering Department.

The Suresh Kumar Memorial Award will be awarded annually. In years when there is no candidate who meets the criteria, awards will be held until the following year.

Only the International PhD Students in Electrical Engineering who have advanced to candidacy are qualified for the Award. A potential recipient must submit his/her resume for consideration. The resume, along with the student's graduate record at UCR, will be considered for the selection of the award recipient. The award will be given in conjunction with a certificate and the attached biography of Suresh Kumar.


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