Brian Leggett Endowed Scholarship Fund


SOM Gifts Endow Schol Dept D02008


Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Brian Leggett graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in film studies in 2007. Brian was known for his deep love of his family and friends. He was a bright light in many people's lives. A creative and spiritual individual, Brian was particularly sensitive to those who felt marginalized in their academic journey. This fund shall provide student scholarships in the UCR School of Medicine.

This Fund shall be used to provide student scholarships in the UCR School of Meficine.

Selection and Guidelines:

The award shall be made annually with oversight by the Dean of the School of Medicine. Preference will be given to candidates who most closely align with the following criteria:
- Awarded to recipients based upon financial need to incoming UCR School of Medicine students.
- Awarded to students pursuing a Doctor of medicine (M.D.) degree.
- Awarded to students from the Coachella Valley or Inland Empire.
- Awarded to students whose earnest intent is to return and practice primary care medicine in the Coachella Valley area.

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