Dr. James L. Reardon Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund


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Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

James L. Reardon was the Supervisor of Teacher Education at UCR's Graduate School of Education from 1971-1998. He was as generous and passionate about mentoring as he was about the study of history and social science. In 1998 he lost his battle to cancer, and that same year his wife Anita, with family, friends and colleagues established in The James L. Reardon Memorial Scholarship and continue to add to the fund. Reardon Scholarships are awarded annually to a student teacher seeking a credential in Social Studies. Dr. Reardon grew up on a farm in Iowa, and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa in 1960. He moved to Rialto and taught at Kolb Junior High School for five years. In 1971, he married Anita Boni, a home economics teacher, and joined UCR in the position he would hold for nearly 27 years. He completed his doctorate degree in 1985 at the University of La Verne. His involvement with History-Social Science teachers went far beyond his classroom at the University.

Selection and Guidelines:

This fund will be awarded by the Graduate School of Education to a student in the teacher education program pursing a teaching credential in history or social science.

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