Ernst A. Noltmann Endowed Scholarship Fund


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Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Mrs. Noltmann, upon the death of her husband, Ernst A. Noltmann, M.D. created this memorial fund. The first $1,000 award was made in June, 1991. This award is to be given to a first year medical student in the UCR/UCLA Thomas Haider Program in Biomedical Sciences who intends to spend the summer between the first and second years of medical school in medical service and/or research. The annual recipient is selected by a committee of Divisional faculty based on an essay describing how the summer's work will fit in with his/her career goals. The overall excellence of the student will also be considered although there are no GPA requirements other than eligibility to continue into the fifth year of the program. The award will be made at the Biomedical Sciences commencement ceremony in June. A plague listing recipients will be maintained in a display case outside the Divisional Office in the Statistics/Computer Building.

Dr. Ernst A. Noltmann was the first Divisional Dean of the UCR/UCLA Biomedical Sciences program (a seven-year accelerated joint program with UCLA for the M.D. degree) and played a key role in initiating the program in 1974. He was a constant source of support, enthusiasm and leadership for the program until his death in February 1986. In 1987 to honor the memory of his colleague, friend and mentor, Professor Tony Norman raised the funds to create The Ernst A. Noltmann Scholarship, which provides a summer research stipend for a Biomed undergraduate student. Mrs. Lisel Noltmann and grateful alumni continue to add to this fund.

Selection and Guidelines:

This fund will be used for undergraduate Biomedical Scholarships, used as a summer research stipend. The award is given each spring at the end-of-the-year party to one or more first year medical students.

There is no application procedure for students. Personnel from the UCR School of Medicine will notify the award recipient(s).

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