Katrina B. Heinrich-Steinberg Re-Entry Scholarship Endowed Fund


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History and Purpose:

Katrina Heinrich-Steinberg is president of West World Properties, a real estate development firm in Palm Springs. She and her late husband, Lionel, have been associated with UCR for nearly two decades through their interests in agriculture and the arts.

In 2003, Mrs. Heinrich-Steinberg's generous giving to UCR was elevated to a new level with the establishment of the Katrina B. Heinrich-Steinberg Re-Entry Scholarship Endowed Fund. As an undergraduate at UCLA, Mrs. Heinrich-Steinberg supported her education by working various jobs, balancing the pursuit of her academic objectives with the realities of personal financial responsibility. As a result of that experience, as well as her sincere commitment to higher education, she has established this scholarship to provide support for students who are returning to complete their studies at UCR later in life.

Selection and Guidelines:

Fund to be used for the benefit and support for re-entry students who have demonstrated financial need (a re-entry student is a student age 25 or older pursuing a bachelor's degree after interruption in education of at least two years). All other things being equal it is the donor's desire that preference be given to female re-entry candidates.

The scholarship application process will take place in the Winter and Spring quarters. Please visit for more information on qualifications, applications, and deadlines.

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