Ivan and Harriet Thomason Research Endowment


Nematology Dept D01050


Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

In December of 2005, Dr. Ivan Thomason established the Ivan and Harriet Thomason Research Endowment. Dr. Thomason's wife, Harriet, passed away in October of 2005. He stipulated that the fund should be used to provide support for graduate education in the Department of Nematology.

Selection and Guidelines:

Graduate Nematology Student - The recipient(s) of the award will be selected by the Chair overseeing graduate training in Nematology (currently the Department of Nematology) and will be administered by the same department to support graduate education in Nematology.

Although the Endowment is intended to exist in perpetuity, unforeseen circumstances may restructure, alter or remove a designated subject area from the campus academic plan. In such an event, it is the donor's wish that the Dean or Associate Dean of the Agricultural Experiment Station designate the purpose of this Endowment to provide graduate student support in the area most closely related to the Donor's interests and intentions.