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Mark and Eva Schroeder Endowed Student Award

Mark and Eva Schroeder Endowed Student Award


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History and Purpose:

Mark Schroeder became a weather forecaster in Chicago in 1946 after serving as an Army Air Force Weather Reconnaissance Officer in the European and American Theatres during World War II. In 1955 he was assigned to the US Forest service as a research meteorologist in fire weather and fire danger rating in Berkeley, California. In 1963, his research project was moved to the Forest Fire Laboratory in Riverside. There he was concurrently project leader of the Fire Meteorology project of the U.S. Forest Service. During a detail in Fort Collins, Colorado, he led the National Fire Danger Rating Project, which developed the fire danger rating system now in used by all the fire control agencies. After nearly 16 years on assignment to the U.S. Forest Service, he transferred to that agency in 1971 and retired from the Federal service in 1973.

Mr. Schroeder has held appointments as research associate with the University of Chicago and the University of California, Riverside. He has received a number of honors, including the Department of Commerce of Silver Medal for Meritorious Service, U.S. Weather Bureau Distinguished Service Award and the U.S. Forest Service Outstanding Performance Rating Award for extraordinary scientific leadership demonstrated in designing and developing the National Fire Danger Rating System.

Selection and Guidelines:

The fund shall be used to provide financial assistance for undergraduate students majoring in environmental science, earth science, or a related field in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences. It is the donor's preference that, if possible, the award supports students with a research interest involving the fire science.

The award will be administered by the Executive Committee of the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences and given annually to a student(s) with identified financial need. Eligible students are required to submit a copy of the financial aid student award letter.

If in the event that no student meets the criteria, the annual distribution will be added to the corpus, or applied to the next year's award.

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