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Abraham Lincoln Polonsky Endowed Award

Abraham Lincoln Polonsky Endowed Award


Creative Writing D01035


Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Mr. Abraham L. Polonsky was a noted author and screenwriter. His screenplays included Body and Soul, Force of Evil, Mommy Dearest, and Monsignor. His novels included The Enemy Sea, A Season of Fear, and Zenia's Way. In 1981, after participating in one of UCR's annual Writer's Week celebrations, he established the Abraham Lincoln Polonsky Endowed Award. The award is prized highly, not only because of Polonsky's eminence as a writer, but because Polonsky symbolized the struggle to bring out the best. Polonsky was known not only for his skill in script writing, but also for his use of film to make biting social commentary. Much of his filmmaking exposed the irony of class and social inequities in modern American life and the eroding effects of indifference to corruption. Mr. Polonsky passed away in 1999.

Overseen by the Department of Creative Writing, the award funds the Mosaic Poetry Prize for outstanding student writers of short stories, plays, or film scripts.

Selection and Guidelines:

For outstanding undergraduate writers. One award per year is awarded. Faculty will choose students. There is no application procedure for this award. Recipients will be notified.

 Request for Information:

no application procedure

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