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Ian and Helen Moore Endowment Fund for Marine Entomology

Ian and Helen Moore Endowment Fund for Marine Entomology


Entomology D01048


Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

The late Mrs. Helen I. Moore and her husband, the late Ian Moore, created the Ian and Helen Moore Endowed Fund for Marine Entomology. This fund, which will provide support to a graduate student working toward a degree in Marine Entomology, was funded by land that the Moores gifted to UCR. Ian Moore performed several studies of arthropods associated with the marine environment; he and his wife wanted other students to have the opportunity to continue this important work.

Selection and Guidelines:

Recipients must be officially associated with the Entomology Department as registered graduate or post-doctoral students. Studies must focus on arthropods (except Crustacea) ) including the marine & fresh water interface(added per memo dated 6/5/09) ), wholly or partially associated with the marine environment -- reefs, marshes, and lagoons, beaches, ocean bottom, open ocean, etc.

Other acceptable uses of the income from the fund follow in descending order of priority:

1. Graduate student study. This fund will be used to support graduate student study in marine entomology-subsistence costs provided by appropriate research, assistantship student fees, research, and publication costs.

2. Post- doctoral studies in marine entomology not to exceed three years-subsistence costs provided by appropriate postgraduate research appointment, research and publication costs.

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