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History and Purpose:

In 1990, Sarah Wall created a scholarship fund in order to help returning and re-entry students, especially underrepresented minority students, pursue their academic goals. Wishing to remain anonymous, Sarah Wall originally named the fund the Victoria Re-entry Endowed Scholarship as a tribute to her Catholic Polish nanny, Wiktoria Rodziewicz, who hid Sarah, an 18-month-old Jewish baby, from the Nazis during World War II. Rodziewicz dyed the baby's hair blonde, changed her name and had her baptized. Unsure if she could trust her own family with the secret, Rodziewicz at first told people that she had the baby out of wedlock, and raised the child as her own in the Polish countryside. Four years later, the little girl's mother was liberated from a concentration camp and found her daughter safe and thriving. Sarah wanted students to remember the courageousness and selflessness of this Polish woman who risked her life to save the Jewish baby she loved as her own daughter.

After Sarah's death in 2002, her husband, Irwin Wall, made arrangements for the scholarship to be renamed the Sarah Wall Scholarship. Sarah Wall is perhaps best known for her service to the Learning Center at UCR. In her tenure from 1976 to 2000, Sarah worked as a tutor, then as assistant director, and eventually became the director of the Learning Center. She greatly affected the lives of everyone with whom she came into contact, from the tutors, to assistant vice chancellors, to the custodian. Sarah was instrumental in getting the Learning Center moved from trailers to the Surge Building. In the week before she died, she created a Learning Center Fund in order to support staff development.

Sarah's daughter, Alix, remembers her mother saying, "My life was spared, so I must prove it was not spared in vain." The Sarah Wall Scholarship honors both those who strive to make the most of second chances and those who give freely of themselves to make those second chances possible for others.

Selection and Guidelines:

Administered by the Office of Financial Aid, preference is given to re-entry students who are UCR sophomores, or beyond, based on financial need, personal history, and academic achievement.

Continuing UCR students may apply between December and March 2 using the Continuing Student Scholarship application. Further details are sent to undergraduates via Webmail in December.

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