Botany & Plant Sciences Graduate Student Endowment


Botany and Plant Sciences Dept D01047


Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Income from this endowment fund shall be used exclusively for graduate students for achievement awards, travel grants, scholarly study grants, research grants, public service grants, tuition stipends. Per addendum on file dated 6/3/10

Graduate students in Botany and Plant Sciences Department devote two to six years to the pursuit of knowledge in disciplines that are important to plant improvement, and to agriculture and the community in general. At the typical levels of financial support, graduate students must live frugally, especially those with dependents. While a frugal lifestyle within academic community is generally not only tenable, but also intellecutually stimulating, there are needs for occasional additional financial rewards, especially of the type that encourage, facilitate and recognize graduate student acievements and creativity. As a Department, we are quite fortunate that, through the love of plants and ambitious professional goals, most students fulfill personal commitments to complete M.Sc. or Ph.D degrees. Certainly, most faculty benefit the increased productivity and creative endeavors that are a consequence of this devotion. Similarly the vitality of the Botany and Plant Science Department, engendered in part by graduate students, creates pleasant and rewarding employment opportunities for numerous additional staff. Furthermore, graduate student activities that are linked to the community at large also provide direct benefits to the public, and therefore enrich the lives of many people, By establishing and contributing to the Botany and Plant Sciences Graduate Student Endowment Fund, the individuals who together make up the Department, along with additional interested donors, acknowledge the important role of graduate students and encourage their further attainment of excellence.

Income from this endowment shall provide rewards and incentives for Botany and Plant Sciences graduate student creativity and ambition.

Selection and Guidelines:

Selection made each year by Executive committee composed of Botany and Plant Sciences faculty.