Frank Bingham Endowed Memorial Scholarship


Environmental Sciences Dept D01053


Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Dr. Frank Bingham established a distinguished reputation in applied soil chemistry at UCR from 1951 until 1986. Dr. Bingham, a renowned chemist, was noted for his research related to soil salinity and boron in soils. He conducted extensive research on heavy metals.

The Frank Bingham Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in August 1986 with a bequest from the estate of Dr. Frank Bingham, and gifts from family members, colleagues, and friends. It provides fellowship awards for graduate students who have excelled academically in Soil Science.

Selection and Guidelines:

Recipient must be a graduate student in soil science who has excelled academically. Selection is made by a faculty committee within the Soil Science Department. Please see for details on how to apply.

Request for Information: