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History and Purpose:

Jean-Pierre Barricelli was a Professor Emeritus of Humanities and Comparative Literature and a highly regarded scholar of Dante, Leopardi, and the relationship of literature with music, the visual arts, drama and the law. He lived his belief of academic breadth and comparative projects, for, in addition to his 34-year career at UCR, Dr. Barricelli composed symphonies, conducted orchestras, wrote music reviews for the Press-Enterprise newspaper, wrote creatively, and painted. He passed away in July 1997.

The Barricelli Memorial Grant for Graduate Research was established in 1997 to honor the late Dr. Jean-Pierre Barricelli. The organizing committee created an endowment to provide financial support for graduate students at the University of California, Riverside in the process of writing their doctoral dissertations in literature and another field of study.

The grant seeks to encourage and enable highly motivated graduate students to pursue comparative studies in literature and another/other discipline(s), including but not limited to the arts. Each scholar receives $1,500 for research support and an opportunity to present his/her work at the annual Winter Colloquium, hosted by the Department of
Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages.

The Barricelli selection committee welcomes applications from students undertaking interdisciplinary work with literature and the arts; it also invites applicants working in literature and the law, science, and other disciplines not typically included in the arts and humanities.

Selection and Guidelines:

A. Recipients of the Barricelli Memorial Grant shall be currently enrolled graduate students in good academic standing at the University of California Riverside.

B. The fundamental aim of the Barricelli Memorial Grant is to facilitate interdisciplinary study between literature and the arts; however, in enabling graduate students to pursue interdisciplinary studies, the Barricelli Memorial Grant also extends to comparative projects between literature and another/other disciplines, including but not limited to those in the humanities, the law, and science.

C. Applicants must have completed all Ph.D. qualifying examinations and be at the ABD ("All but Dissertation") stage of the doctoral program.

D. Applicants must have demonstrated superior standards of intellectual ability and academic achievement during their graduate coursework.

E. Applicants must have met the above criteria at the time of application and at the time they receive the monetary award.

F. Applicants agree to present their work publicly as Barricelli Scholars at the annual UCR
Winter Colloquium, or other public forum on the UCR campus, in the year of the award.


A. Application Process:

The award season should generally coincide with the UCR Winter Quarter, with the selection of recipients occurring early enough to allow the Barricelli Scholar to present his or her work at the annual Winter Colloquium, founded by Jean-Pierre Barricelli, or other professional forum on the UCR campus in the year of the award.

Therefore, the general schedule shall be as follows:

Early October: annual call for applications,
Mid-November: deadline for receipt of all applications,
Mid-December: announcement of awards, in time for the Winter Colloquium or other professional campus presentation,

Request for Information:

Bonnie Anketell
Graduate Affairs Assistant