Vaughan H. Shoemaker Graduate Fellowship


Evolution Ecology & Orgns Bio Dept D01046


Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Vaughan H. Shoemaker, Professor Emeritus of Zoology, taught at UCR from 1965-98.
He died unexpectedly in 1999 at the age of 61. The son of an ichthyologist, Dr. Shoemaker received a BS with honors in Biology and Chemistry from Earlham College in 1959; he then received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Michigan. Dr. Shoemaker's research focused on exploring animals, most often amphibian, and adaptation to environmental extremes. He is known for a small lab course where students devised experiments to study physiological systems. Many promising scholars in the field today once passed through his course. Dr. Shoemaker will always be remembered by his colleagues because of his lunch time questioning, which reminded them daily of "the interconnectedness of all things," but at the same time "reaffirmed the importance of the individual." The Vaughan Shoemaker Memorial Fund provides graduate fellowships to promising scholars in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences.

Selection and Guidelines:

To provide support for an annual Graduate Fellowship to a student doing experimental work in any area of organismal biology, ecology, evolution or related supraorganismal fields.

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