Jay Lawrence Sugerman MD Scholarship Fund


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Graduate Student Support

Mrs. Ruth Sugerman and her husband, Dr. Jay Sugerman, are both graduates of UC Riverside. In
celebration of their 54th wedding anniversary in June 2020, Ruth wishes to establish this current
restricted fund in the School of Medicine to honor her husband who touched so many lives
during his long career as a doctor.

In her words: "Jay is the personification of what I think a doctor should be. Medicine wasn't a way to make money or a source of prestige but a calling. He was an excellent diagnostician, spending time to do a thorough history and physical, ordering necessary tests, systematically thinking through the results and poring through medical books seeking information when necessary. He went to lectures and seminars and read medical journals to keep up.

Jay really cared about his patients. He put in hours of care for which he knew he wouldn't be paid. Many of his patients were from other countries and he learned about their cultures so he could work with them within their cultural perspectives. All were treated with empathy and respect. He took the time not only to teach them what they needed to do but to understand their conditions and the reason for the treatment. He held himself to the highest ethical standards in everything he did.

Jay volunteered at the Order of Malta free clinic for 27 years. While he was in practice, working 60 plus hours a week, he volunteered once a month. When he retired, he volunteered weekly.He continued to read medical journals and go to medical lectures. The clinic closed down a few months ago.

Jay decided to retire when he was still doing well. He said he didn't want to wait until he wasn't up to his best and would make mistakes and hurt patients. Rather than sell his practice, which is common, he gave it to a doctor that he thought would give good care to his patients.

The UCR Medical School is striving to train the kind of doctors, like Jay, that I want for the world. I like to think that my gift will not only help the medical students who receive it but the patients whose lives they will prolong and enrich."

Fund Purpose: This fund shall be used to provide scholarship assistance to 1 School of Medicine student per year who is pursuing general internal medicine.

Criteria and Selection Process
Recipients must be starting their third year and must intend to specialize in general internal medicine.

1 recipient per year for the next 5 years will be selected, and each of the 5 recipients will receive approximately $25,000.

The School of Medicine Scholarship Committee will choose the recipients.