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Catharine Larsen Women in Science Scholarship Fund

Catharine Larsen Women in Science Scholarship Fund


Chemistry D01054


Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

The Catharine Larsen Scholarship Fund was established by UC Riverside donors after seeing Undercover Boss where Catharine Larsen was featured. Catharine Larsen, assistant professor of chemistry, wasn't thrilled with the idea of participating in a reality TV show, but agreed to participate.

On the day Chancellor White visited, Larsen was teaching organic chemistry, a complex subject that might intimidate many. But for White, it was the classroom multimedia technology that was intimidating.

"It was really beautiful to see all of that come together," White said. "I was very active as a professor, but back then my technology choices were white chalk or color chalk. It's changed dramatically."

Larsen is in her third year of teaching and has seen her classroom size go from about 100 to about 250.

"I admire that he was willing to put himself out there and look silly to show how important UCs are in the educational system and the entire country," Larsen said.

Selection and Guidelines:

Awards will be made under the Direction of Professor Catharine Larsen.

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