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Lai Yung Huey Memorial Scholarship

Lai Yung Huey Memorial Scholarship


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Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

This memorial scholarship is named in honor of Lai Yung Huey, a primarily self-educated individual who lived through turbulent times and experienced firsthand violence and deprivation while in China during the Second World War. She and her loving husband Howard were able to immigrate to the U.S. and pursue the proverbial "American dream." Despite minimal formal education and low-paying work, they saved and invested wisely, thereby gaining financial independence well before retirement age. Along the way, Lai Yung affectionately assisted her daughter Agnes to raise two grandchildren, including Jonathan M. Chang, who attended UCR as a Regents Scholar. The American dream is alive and well across generations.

Selection and Guidelines:

This Fund shall be used to provide merit scholarship assistance to incoming UCR freshmen with high academic performance and promise (3.3 or above GPA) and demonstrated community service. It is the donor's preference that the recipient be an immigrant from China including, but not limited to Hong Kong and Taiwan.

 Request for Information:

Christine Anaya
Director of Parent & Scholarship Programs
Alumni and Constituent Relations
(951) 827-3344

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