Myron T. Winslow Agricultural Fellowship


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Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Since the 1960s, when its association with the University of California, Riverside began, the Community Foundation Serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties has contributed more than $1 million to UCR from endowed scholarship funds and from discretionary grants. Much of this generosity has been directed to financial aid through scholarship funds for to UCR's most deserving students.

Myron T. Winslow Scholarships and Myron T. Winslow Fellowships are available through gifts from the Community Foundation Serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties recognizing the generosity of one of their donors, Myron T. Winslow. The scholarships support undergraduate students, residents of Riverside or San Bernardino counties, majoring in veterinary science or agriculture. The fellowships provide assistance to graduate students in those same fields.

Selection and Guidelines:

The Winslow endowment funds graduate student stipends. Funds are distributed in May each year. First consideration will be given to applicants from Riverside County and second to students from San Bernardino County. Recipients must meet standards of academic ability, need, and good citizenship. A report is to be made to the RCF Distribution Committee by December 1 each year, and includes student name, amount of award, legal address, years in college, major, intended vocation, and degree sought. It should include a request to continue participation in the program the following year. A Terminal Project Evaluation will be requested by RCF, which will ask for copies of publicity about funding, if the program will continue and if equipment was purchased. The Graduate Division handles fellowship awards. Recipient information is reported each year directly to the Executive Director or RCF, with copy to Development Office.

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