Michael Stern Memorial Scholarship


UNEX Education D01067


Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support

Fund is inactive eff. 04/24/2019

History and Purpose:

A $500 scholarship has been established to cover tuition for a student to participate in the Technical Writing Certificate program at the UC Riverside Extension. The Michael Stern Memorial
Scholarship is one of IESTC's ways of supporting outstanding students in pursuing their goals.

Selection and Guidelines:

This fund will be used to cover tuition to a UCR Extension course in the technical writing program or a writing related course. Please see fund documents for further criteria.

You are eligible to apply for this scholarship if you re a student of the University of California at Riverside.

The committee is looking for a candidate with excellent writing ability and an intense interest in any type of communications, from corporate to teaching; from translating to reporting. A successful candidate has a curious nature, a high energy level, and possesses analytical skills from keen observation of his or her immediate surroundings, or the universe and beyond. The committee appreciates passion more than ambition and talent more than a history of attendance.

If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, you should submit a letter of application which highlights your:

oInterest in technical writing, training, graphics design or professional communication; Above-average academic background in English and/or related writing courses;
oExcellent command of English usage and grammar;
oKnowledge of computers and word processing; and the willingness and desire to participatein Inland Empire Society of Technical Communication meetings and events.

In addition to an application letter, please submit a current writing sample.
Students to be selected at the discretion of University Extension

Request for Information: