The Walton B. Sinclair Teaching Award


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Graduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

A pioneer plant biochemist, Walton B. Sinclair's work on the Riverside campus began in 1932, more than 20 years before UCR was established. His colleagues noted: "His studies of citrus fruits led to development of the means of evaluating the maturity of fruits that became the legal standard for marketing California citrus and led to the reputation for high quality which is still enjoyed by California citrus." Dr. Sinclair worked actively in the laboratory, his research profoundly affecting the field of citrus consumption, until his retirement in 1968. However, "those who were associated with Walt," according to his colleagues, "found his professional activities less impressive and less important than his character as a warm and beloved colleague and an outstanding human being."

To recognize Dr. Sinclair's academic excellence and his devotion to the development of the field, the Walton B. Sinclair Award For Outstanding Teaching Assistant is given to exceptional teaching assistants in the Department of Biochemistry.

Selection and Guidelines:

This fund provides support for annual monetary awards for one or more outstanding Teaching Assistants in the Biochemistry Department. Awards will to be presented in memory of Walton B. Sinclair.

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