Larry L. Sautter Memorial Scholarship


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Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Larry Sautter was the Associate Vice Chancellor, Computing and Communications at UCR until his untimely death in 1999. Joining UCR in 1981, Mr. Sautter guided the university through revolutionary periods of computer and internet technology. He facilitated computer technology adoption on campus, including the development of the infrastructure necessary to become part of the World Wide Web. "Larry's contributions to UCR were monumental," then UCR Chancellor Raymond L. Orbach said. "Under his leadership, the face of computing and communications were transformed on our campus...But he was more than a vital member of the UCR administrative team - he was a beloved friend to all those who knew him."

In August 2000, Cheryl Sautter-Konyn, Larry's widow and an administrative budget officer at UCR, created the Larry L. Sautter Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor his memory and to commemorate his love for UCR. The scholarship provides reimbursement of fees of undergraduate students at UCR.

Selection and Guidelines:

Recipients must be:
- UCR students in good standing;
- Have financial need as identified by UCR Financial Aid Office;
- GPA of 3.25 or above;
- Student must carry a full course load (approximately 12 units per quarter); and,
- The award is to be continuous, i.e. individuals receiving the award will continue to receive it until s/he receives the bachelor's degree (four years maximum) provided the individual maintains all requirements listed above.

It is the donors preference that, if all else is equal, the award be given to a female athlete active in the Intercollegiate Athletics program.

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