Rose Royal Fund for Language Study Abroad


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Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Rosemarie Royal was a German immigrant working as a waitress at Riverside's Mission Inn when Gordon Watkins, then Provost of UCR, urged her to further her education. He personally facilitated her entrance to UCR even though her academic records had been destroyed during the bombing of Frankfurt during World War II.

Rose studied German at UCR, but completed her degree at Berkeley. She and her husband, Dr. Leslie Royal, are members of UCR's Pioneer Class; Leslie having majored in Economics at UCR then received his doctorate in Latin American Studies from Berkeley.

To lend support to students who wish to pursue studies in foreign language, the Royals established the Rose Royal Fund for Language Study Abroad to facilitate language study abroad.

Selection and Guidelines:

Merit Based Language Study Scholarship:

Merit: Demonstrated continuous pursuit of knowledge in chosen language through formal coursework; active use of the knowledge acquired in educational and social interactions.

Students will also be considered who are majoring in other subject areas, are studying abroad, and who require the knowledge of the chosen language for their research.

Financial need: A student's financial need will be second to demonstrated merit as outlined above.

Commitment: Following merit and financial need, ideally the student should demonstrate commitment with a year's study abroad, but a minimum of a semester (equivalent of two UCR quarters) will be acceptable.

Request for Information:

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