Citizens University Committee Scholarships


Govt & Community Relations D01186


Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

The objective of the Citizens University Committee is to assist the University of California, Riverside in development and community relations. CUC is a Town and Gown group comprised primarily of business and civic leaders. Attendance at their breakfast meetings is generally between 100-125 people. The CUC is important to our campus because it has been active for over 50 years, having been founded in 1946 specifically to lobby the legislature to select Riverside as the site for the establishment of a UC campus. CUC meets monthly from 7:30-8:30 AM, October -May at the University Extension Center.

Citizens University Committee voted in September, 1980, to contribute $2,000 annually from their projects account for scholarships. They agreed to award 10 scholarships, 2 of those for athletics. These awards continued until 1984, when the scholarship allocation was discontinued. It was resumed in 1986. Last scholarship acknowledgement in file is dated May 14, 1987. However, Estella Figueroa from Government & Community Relations says their office handles this.

The CUC is UC Riverside's oldest continuous support group. It formed in 1948 to lobby the California State Legislature to locate a campus of the University of California in Riverside at the site of the Citrus Experiment Station, which is now known on campus as Anderson Hall. In 1949, the legislature passed appropriations to build a Riverside campus and UC Riverside opened its doors in February of 1954.

Today the CUC provides a means for the community to tap into the cultural, intellectual and social vitality of the UC Riverside campus. The group hosts monthly breakfasts, which highlight the latest cutting-edge research initiatives the faculty is undertaking.

Selection and Guidelines:

Students should be from middle income families which did not qualify for financial aid. Student must demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, and participate in campus and community life. If a student receives other awards of more than $500, he or she is ineligible for this award.

Request for Information:

Jeff Kraus
Government & Community Relations