Chicano Alumni Committee Scholarships


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Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

The Chicano Alumni Committee Scholarship was created to help Chicano students attend, and then encourage their success at UCR. The Committee raises money from the annual banquet, proceeds from which go toward scholarships for freshmen, transfer students, undergraduate and graduate students.

Chicano student programs was founded on campus in 1972. It remains the only existing Chicano student services department in the UC system. The official purpose of the Chicano Student Programs was to create a vehicle for professors to become active in the Chicano community. But the Chicano faculty along with the students and staff on campus were already reaching out to the community so the need to solidify these efforts was addressed by creating Chicano Student Programs.

Selection and Guidelines:

Scholarship to be distributed to freshman, transfer, undergraduate and graduate students. Check with Chicano Student Programs for guidelines and details.

Request for Information:

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