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Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

The UCR Alumni Association recognizes academic excellence through its program of freshman and continuing student scholarships. Since the program began in 1976, the Alumni Association has continually responded to the rising costs of education by increasing the number and amount of scholarships awarded. The Alumni Association also proudly recognizes alumni and other campus leaders who have contributed significantly to UCR, their community, and society, honoring the efforts of these individuals who mirror the University's tradition of excellence while bringing distinction to the campus.

The Brithinee Electric Alumni Scholarship was established in 1988 with the generosity of Donald Brithinee ('68, '70 M.A., '71 Ph.D.) and Wallace Brithinee ('68, '70 M.A., '71 Ph.D.). The twin brothers, who went from UCR math majors at the age of 16 to Doctors of Philosophy in Math by the age of 22, now serve as president and vice president of Brithinee Electric, a company that their father started in 1963. Thankful for the opportunities that their public school education has afforded them, Donald and Wallace Brithinee have given liberally to UCR. "The challenging UCR experience gave us the desire and ability to do our best," comments Donald Brithinee. "I think our education provided us a chance to excel, not just succeed." For more nearly two decades, together they, and through their company, Brithinee Electric, have funded continuing Alumni Freshman Scholars.

Selection and Guidelines:

Eligible students must:
- Be a full-time UCR student
- Be enrolled in 12 or more units
- Have a 3.5 GPA or better
- Have received an Alumni Freshman Scholarship

Selection is based on academic merit, with financial need a consideration only in the event of a tie between applicants.

The Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations will administer the application process.

Please visit for more information on qualifications, applications, and deadlines.

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