Art Scholarship Fund


Art Dept D01033


Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

UCR's Art Department offers a broad spectrum of classes spanning both traditional art disciplines such as painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture, and newer disciplines such as inter-media, and video and digital art, as well as art theory. Art majors develop individual programs of study in consultation with their advisor to match their personal needs and interests, Considerable flexibility in the order in which courses are taken adds to the personalization of studies. Art majors have ample opportunity to perfect their technical abilities, while at the same time developing conceptual skills. They learn how to read and interpret images, and, through analysis of historical movements, they explore and understand their own artistic values and motivations. They gradually move from learning how to use different media into taking a position about their own work. This scholarship, established by the Art Department is for those students who study in the art department.

Selection and Guidelines:

The purpose of this will be to provide scholarship assistance to UCR graduate or undergraduate students in the Art department.

Request for Information: