Affiliates of UCR Scholarship Fund


Govt & Community Relations D01186


Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

The Affiliates of UC Riverside was founded in 1970 to foster friendship and understanding between the City of Riverside and the University of California, Riverside. The intent of the organization is to provide a forum for people interested in accessing the wealth of academic and cultural resources at UC Riverside. In 1999, to fulfill an essential need, the Affiliates established the fund to provide scholarships to deserving undergraduate students at the University.

Selection and Guidelines:

Coordinated by the Office of Community and Governmental Relations, the Affiliates scholarship committee reviews candidates who have been identified by UCR's Financial Aid office based on financial need and GPA. Applications are sent to the students who meet the criteria. The committee reconvenes to select the recipient.

The scholarship application process will take place in the Winter and Spring quarters.

Request for Information:

Jeff Kraus
Goverment & Community Relations