James Merrill and Adeline Wallace Annual Prize


CNAS Dean's Office Dept D01040


Graduate or Undergraduate Student Support

History and Purpose:

Established by Adeline Wallace in December 1992 with a gift of $7,500, the interest will be used for the award. The award is available to any UCR student in Agriculture and biological sciences. Selection of the recipient is made by the Honors and Scholarship Committee of CNAS. Grants may be awarded whenever acculmulation of interest allows, and suggested award (as of 1990) is $750. In 1990, Adeline Wallace ammended the December 3, 1982 agreement to delete these words "research areas designated are citrus virology and citrus pathology."

Selection and Guidelines:

Candidates must submit a 1,000 word research report on their completed original research projects. Research areas include citrus virology and citrus pathology, and for research related to citrus and other plant pathology problems. Criteria do not include race, sex, nationality, or need.

Request for Information: