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History and Purpose:

The first move toward student government at Riverside began with an organized meeting of the entire student body of 127 members on February 16, 1954. A provisional charter containing minimum articles for government was presented to the student body and adopted at that time. The original Executive Council as both the legislative and executive branch of student government and consisted of four elected officers, the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer; and two representatives from the freshman, sophomore and junior classes. As of the mid-1960's, the Executive Council had not undergone any major reorganization since its inception, expanding only to meet the needs of a growing student body. Over the years functional and representative members were added to the council.

The council directed a balanced program of social, recreational, cultural and educational activities which were made available to the entire student body. It subsidized five student publications and in 1965 was involved in establishing KUCR, a campus FM radio station. The council played a major role in supporting the growth of social, service, academic and special interest clubs. It recognized these groups as a part of the student government, and when appropriate and necessary, subsidized programs to help them begin and to maintain themselves as an active part of University life.

Student Body Presidents included Dennis C. Weeks 1957 whom this scholarship is named after.

Selection and Guidelines:

Scholarship recipients will be chosen by the Financial Aid Office. These funds are used at the discretion of financial aid to support deserving UCR entering and continuing students.

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