Since 1954, UC Riverside has been committed to educating the best and the brightest. As a member of the campus community, you are an integral part of transforming lives through education. The UCR Alumni Association is supporting the mission of education through its $1.5 million campaign for student scholarships.

You can contribute towards this goal by participating in the Alumni & Visitors Center Legacy Brick program. For a $500 tax-deductible donation you can, while at the same time offering scholarship support for UCR students in perpetuity:

  • • Celebrate a birthday, holiday, graduation, retirement, or milestone.
  • • Honor a classmate, family member, or influential person in your life.
  • • Post an inspirational message for the University community.

Proceeds from the Legacy Brick program support the Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund, which provides $4,000 scholarships to incoming students.

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Use your inscription to commemorate milestones, celebrate graduations, recognize individuals, honor someone’s memory, acknowledge influential people in your life or to post inspirational messages.

The use of profanity, vulgarity or suggestive offensive language is not permissible. Nor is messaging of a political, commercial or defamatory nature. All messaging must comport with the University’s Principles of Community.

Messages must fit in the space provided: three lines; 20 characters per line, including space, and punctuation.

The Alumni Association reserves the right to approve all text prior to inscription.

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