Class Notes

Let everyone know what you have been up to! Upload a photo of yourself and fill out the form to be considered for inclusion in the Class Notes section of the upcoming UCR Magazine.

The following are considered:
  • Career News – Share news about a recent employment change, job promotion, professional accomplishment, or retirement.
  • Awards and Honors – Share any recent awards or honors you have received.
  • Publications – Share any material you have published.
  • Marriage, Commitment, or Family Addition – Recently married, celebrating a special anniversary, or a new child in your life? Let us know! We also like to know if your significant other is a fellow Highlander.
Please note the following deadlines for Class Notes submissions to the UCR Magazine:
  • Fall Issue – July 1
  • Winter Issue – October 1
  • Spring Issue – February 1
Note: You can attach up to 2 photo(s). Please upload a headshot as one of the photos.
Attach a Photo jpeg document only
Attach a second Photo jpeg document only
I give consent for this Class Act to be published in official media like UCR Magazine, UCR Alumni Newsletter, UCR social media, etc.
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To report a death of a UCR alumnus or alumna, please fill out the following form
For questions, please contact Lisa Tyson

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